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Company Description:

ManukaMed is an international honey science organization committed to improving chronic wound outcomes by consistently providing the highest potency pure manuka honey on the market.  Since ManukaMed owns all of it’s own hives, mono floral manuka forests and processing plants, we are able to regulate our products and able to maintain the highest level of bioactivity within the industry, proven by our unique Quality Bioactiv Testing Assurance (QBTA) Technology.

We offer clinicians a full line of Manuka Honey products to address the individual clinical needs of each patient, providing consistent positive outcomes.  Our patented Super Absorbent Fiber(SAF) plus exclusive Honey Delivery system provides the health care practitioner the ideal, go-to bioactive wound dressing.    

Our dressings give you everything you’d expect from an advanced wound care dressing (such as exudate absorption, retention) plus the methodical, sustained delivery of honey to the wound, to create the optimal environment for wound healing through it’s Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Autolytic Debridement, and Odor Reducing effects. 

ManukaMed provides you the ideal dressing to address all wounds ranging from incision sites to skin tears to chronic, stalled wounds, all while protecting against MRSA, VRE, and dozens of other common bacterial resistant strains.  Our full line of products has been proven to reduce risks of maceration and to be safe and effective on a variety of skin types from infant to the elderly.

Manuka Honey has been known for it’s medicinal healing power for over a century.  The founders of ManukaMed are passionate about bringing forth this knowledge and being the world leaders in the honey science revolution through continued research, clinical education, and ultimately providing the ideal pure Manuka Honey dressing system.

Product Information:
MANUKAhd lite is the premier honey delivery and wound management dressing. Combining advanced absorbency technology (SAF – Super Absorbent Fiber) with the highest bioactive medical grade honey produces consistent clinical results with each application. No need for secondary absorbent dressings and longer change intervals are possible using the entire line of Manukamed dressings. MANUKAhd lite has fixed fee HCPCS codes – A6196, A6197, A6199.

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