McClain Laboratories, LLC

45 Manor Road
Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: View Phone Number631-361-4000
Fax: View Fax Number631-361-4037

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Company Description:

"We Find Fungus"

McClain Laboratories is a physician owned and operated Podiatric Pathology and Anatomic Laboratory serving the USA from Smithtown, New York. Our full service laboratory provides 24 to 48 hour turnaround on studies of all types of pathology including dermatopathology, nail fungus, wounds, ulcers, cancers, warts, digital mucous cysts, bunions, hammertoes, small nerve fibers, and gout.

McClain Laboratories uses proprietary methods to identify fungal infections, making false negatives a thing of the past.

McClain Laboratories specializes in histopathologic evaluation of tissue biopsies, with an expertise in skin, nail, and foot pathology. From specimen pickup to diagnosis, McClain clients are served by our friendly and professional staff dedicated to superior customer care.

McClain Laboratories' Medical Director, Dr. Steve A. McClain - a nationally recognized dermatopathologist and lecturer - supports the profession of podiatry by sponsoring educational programs and donations to the colleges of podiatry and local podiatry society chapters.

McClain Laboratories Features

  • Same-Day and STAT Courier Service
  • FedEx Express Pickup
  • 24 to 48 Hour Turnaround
  • Reports with color images, diagnosis, and ICD-10 coding

McClain Laboratories Services

  • Dermatopathology of the foot and leg
  • Dermatoscopic evaluation of specimens
  • Fungal nail evaluation
  • 2nd Opinions to R/O False Negatives
  • One Step END™ nerve fiber density test (formalin only - no mixing)
  • Foreign body identification
  • Accurate detection and identification of microorganisms
  • Analysis of stalled wound healing
  • Direct immunofluorescence testing
  • A wide array of immunohistochemistry techniques

Product Information:
Diabetic Neuropathy
Infection Control
Lab Testing
Nail Care and Pedicure Products
Pathology Labs
Peripheral Neuropathy
Wound Care and Dressings
Antifungals - Oral
Antifungals - Topical
Wart Treatment
Wound Care and Dressings
Lab Testing
Debriding Agents
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