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St. Nicolas, QC G7A 2P7

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Orthotics   |   Prosthetics    |    Footwear    |    Custom Made Equipment


3D scanning is our DNA. We are dedicated to innovation and committed to provide nothing but the most powerful and most-user friendly human body 3D scanning systems. It has never been easier to increase your productivity, reduce turnaround time and improve your customer experience.


TechMed 3D's mission is to make CAD-CAM technologies for human body accessible by developing and offering the most user-friendly and fast scanning system. We help practitioners in the orthotics, prosthetics and custom made equipment industry to seamlessly integrate technology to their business, to make their life easier, increase their productivity, their turnaround time and their profitability.


TechMed 3D offers nothing but the most user-friendly and powerful scanning system, so you can quickly increase your productivity and improve your turnaround time, while improving both patient and clinician experience.

Structure Sensor & 3DsizeME Scanning System

Quality scans for a fraction of the price! Discover the free 3DsizeME app, to be used with the Structure Sensor, and MSoft, for just $100 USD / month or $5 / scan.

With this new system, you will be able to scan in a few seconds: torso, knee, AFO, imprint, plantar surface...

BodyScan Scanning System 

Used in combination with MSoft and the Optimisation Module, the BodyScan white-light scanner is the most precise and user-friendly scanner on the market.

It is possible to scan everything from head to toes, with the highest precision you can imagine: insoles, AFOs, KAFOs, knee orthotics, prosthetics, cranials, hand orthotics, custom shoes,  seats...

Rodin 4D Rectification Software 

Rodin4D Neo CAD/CAM software allows rectification of 3D digital forms for all types of orthopaedic devices. Designed by orthoprosthetists for orthoprosthetists.

Rodin 4D Neo is not just another piece of 3D CAD/CAM software, it truly meets all the clinician's needs and is the most user-friendly software.

Rodin 4D Carvers 

Fast, reliable and accurate, Rodin4D milling machines are designed to mill polyurethane foam blocks dedicated to orthopaedics.

Easy to use, secure and compatible with the main orthopaedic formats, the 5 milling machines models allow to easily make braces, seats, and various types of prosthetics and orthotics.

Product Information:
The 3DsizeME system is a combination of the Structure Sensor, the free 3DsizeME app, and MSoft 3DsizeME, for the most compact, versatile and affordable scanning solution yet.

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